Dee-MoneyHunter: A Friendly Guide for Beginners

Welcome to the Dee-MoneyHunter site friends stock market is a very exciting place, And I think it is the best place to make money if it is done with proper analysis and research. The stock market is a supreme place to earn money. On this site, you will get some insight into the stock market in simple words.

If we see past history of the stock market then like, march 2020 corona fall, the Lehman Brothers collapse, And Some scams like scam 1992, the Satyam fraud, the Ketan Parekh scam, the Nirav Modi scam and the Vijay Mallya scam And Karwy brokers failure these all things demotivate the people to come into the stock market Because too many investors lost their entire capital, but if we want something big in our life then we have to pay the price. We have to take the risk and we have to survive in the market. Many peoples are examples that earning money from this risky market and they are the big players of this market. If someone is losing the money then someone is gaining the money. But many Youtubers and many big traders and investors are examples that they are earning money, Stock market is a risky place but it also offers us a place to earn money like hell. Every business is a war so we have to fight the war where we need good Hunting skills. Because in scams many investors lost money but in that scam, many few people earned like hell.

What is the potential of the share market?

Well, we can say that when things come to money it is the supreme place for making money and the economy, All big company's futures and present depend on the stock market, And we can earn money like hell if we do trade with proper knowledge. But our mistakes can take money away from us, it is the place where you can generate returns like 100%, 200%, or 300% it depending upon your awareness and good knowledge. Or daily you can earn 1%-30% of your trading capital used to trade. And you can earn 5k-100k daily also you may lose if you don't trade properly.

Why the stock market is the best place to earn money?

Well, salary and job will not give you freedom and you have many limitations, and if want to do any local business then you require business infrastructure, you need employees, you need to handle politics and toxicity, You need to pay the salary to your employee on time, You may need transportation facilities, You need distributors connection then you need to pay the central tax and then state tax after this much hustle you will get some money. But in trading, you just need a good internet connection and a PC, and a Demat account and start trading buy on low and sell on high and instantly you get the profit and vice versa if it goes reverse then you will lose the money if you don't exit your position. You need to control your emotions and position. Your losses depend on how early you exit the position that much low loss will be yours. But People with good capital and knowledge or pro trader earns like 5k-100k a day easily and some peoples double their capital in a day or in a trade or in a week. You don't need any politics or transportation or infrastructure or any other thing, only thing you need is good control of your emotion and you should mainly control your Greed and Fear then only you can be a good trader.

What is the stock exchange?

The stock exchange is like a big mall where you will get the company shares, In India it is located in Mumbai, And there are 4 stock exchanges

  1. NSE(national stock exchange): In this stock exchange, 1500 companies are listed. Companies from every sector like from banking sector, the auto sector, the FMCG sector, the pharma sector, and the energy sector Top 50 company are grouped and created an Index called NIFTY50. And this index shows the average performance of these top 50 companies. it means from every sector the top companies are selected and included in the nifty 50 index which will show the whole economy's performance. And it's the major dominant stock exchange.

  2. BSE(Bombay stock exchange): In this stock exchange 5000 companies are listed and in that, the top 30 companies are selected and created an index called SENSEX, it is also used to measure economic growth in the country which is the oldest stock exchange in Asia.

  3. MCX and NCDX(Multi commodities exchange) and ( National commodities derivative exchange): these two Stock exchanges are used to trade In commodities like wheat, rice, cotton, copper, natural gas, crude oil, Aluminium, etc. Headquarters is located in Mumbai.

Best apps for trading and investing in Indian stock market

  1. Zerodha kite(Easy and best interface for traders)

  2. upstox

  3. Angel one

  4. Dhan

  5. grow( You can invest in International US stocks also)

For Trading, you need a trading account and for investing you need a Demat account.

For doing SIP or mutual funds investment you need a "small case" app.

For Trading in the Forex market, you need Forex broker apps like OctaFX, Alice Blue, FXTM, IQ options etc.,

and for trading in cryptocurrency Wazirex, Coinswitch kuber, IQ option, binance, olymp trade, etc.

Is the Stock market Gambling?

Well the answer is diplomatic and it has two aspects

  • The stock market is not Gambling:

    if it is done with proper analysis, The major part of the economy's GDP is dependent on the stock market, And The major companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Infosys, TCS, Tata Motors, Mahindra, and Mahindra and all big companies are listed in the stock market and Many youths of our countries want to get placed in those companies and the future of the company is dependent on the stock market, investing and trading with proper analysis is not gambling, Even the big company CEOs and Many big investors have the shares and they invest in the stock market do you want to say they are Gamblers?

a close up of a cell phone on a table
a close up of a cell phone on a table
  • The second aspect is if you don't know how to swim and you are swimming then it is gambling, If you blindly trust something which has no logic then it is gambling, If you are loving someone blindly then it is gambling. Same as trading If you are trading and you don't have the knowledge and you don't know what is the news in the market and you don't know the price action then it is gambling. You should be aware of all market events like budget, monetary policies, inflation, company quarterly result, and yearly result and international political and economic events like Russia and Ukraine war crude oil prices, the dollar index, global indices and all.

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