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I am Deepak Rathod Founder of Dee-MoneyHunter official, I am a swing trader and an investor, And a Business enthusiast. On this site, you get some basic knowledge, basics for beginners and some market updates and some of my points of view, some market news and updates about IPOs and some simplified views on union budgets and current market situation and some international market factors and some geopolitical topics.

This site is mainly dedicated to beginners who understand the market. I want to build that basic understanding that a beginner needs, And I want to share my views on the stock market, So stay tuned to this website, And I am not here to advise any stocks I only going to talk about some case studies, so that may help to build your understanding. Life is very short taking the whole knowledge of this world, that's why learning from others' experiences is a good choice always for learning. So stay tuned with this site and get subscribe to this website this will update you regarding my new posts on this site. Thank you friends.

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